Full Name: Adeyanju Shodipe
Music Genre: fusion
Label: Kadupe Recordings
Website: http://www.yanjuonline.com

IWA September 2004

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Yanju began composing music before he was twelve years old. His music career began at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he joined the “Phaime band” as a back up singer and principal songwriter whilst studying Performing Arts. Yanju has performed at the annual “Vibrations Festival”, London, featuring JJC and the 419 (2004) and Omar (2003).Yanju is currently a resident performer in “Mycenae house”, Blackheath, London. His original compositions have become anthems and favorites amongst the Mycenae house regulars.

Iwa contains 10 tracks of some really eclectic synthesis of African acoustic and electronic dance music resulting in an edgy club dance music dubbed African techno. Yanju’s lyrics, whose vocals are originally and poetically colored with technology, are sung in English and Yoruba, one of the most spoken Nigerian languages. "This is amazing," freelance critic John Emerald writes. "So many different worlds, yet so firmly presented art".
"I see myself as a musician whose music speaks and unites the consciousness of a world audience," Yanju says. "It is for this reason that I have decided to fuse African and Western music genres together. In essence my music represents the proverbial ideal mirror we all as humans strive to achieve which ultimately is a peaceful co existence."

Full of catchy tunes, where syncopated African rhythms crisscross techno beats effortlessly, "IWA" is characterized by an unusual and uncompromising melting pot of polyrhythmic sounds and Western synthesized beats, where the two musical cultures are amazingly respected and recognizable in such a way that one never dominates the other.

"There's far more to Nigerian music than Afro-beat, as Yoruba master percussionist Yanju (Iwa's founder) proves on this under-the-radar, 10-tune set of what I'm loathe to call Afro-House

Jon Armstrong

BBC World Music Review

"This is a stunner of a disc. Yanju is splendidly inventive, a talent fully developed. Great disc.

Chris Nickson

Global Village idiot

"IWA" is available from www.YanjuOnline.com