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Gary Austine Nwobu

Full Name: Gary Austine Nwobu
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Label: Gary Records


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Born in the south eastern Nigeria town of Nsukka, Gary studied music at the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka where he majored in composition, percussion and piano minor and passing out in colors with a Bachelor of Arts degree and diploma respectively. He later went ahead to grab a certificate of merit in Radio production from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School Lagos.

With his real understanding of the real issues on ground and his sheer determination to conquer the industry where survival is left for those who could combine talent with education, Gary went straight to then famous music production studio Klink Studios to train as a sound engineer. He eventually started his career right at the same studio as one of its engineers until another established studio VIF studios, sought his services and he moved on to work as engineer and producer.

However, the urge of going it all alone and owning what he considered an ideal digital sound pad never stopped biting him. So he started procuring equipment after another. No international music equipment magazine passed him by as he subscribed to some through his friends and contacts abroad.

Sometime in 1998, Gary stopped working for VIF and threw open the doors of his own digital sound studio with two arms , one for demo and the other for master from where he churns out hits after another. Not long after he set up the studio had the place turned into a mecca for budding artistes who want to benefit from the art that had turned around the works of artistes like Healing Child (Gwamokwu), Zaki Adzee, Telemi , Gbemi Olaleye and a host of others as sound engineer.

Apart from these, Gary Stinno Nwobu arranged , produced and engineered the award winning albums of wave making artiste OLLIE GEE whose album Daddy Moh was the highest selling album in Nigeria for 2001. Omalicha, the latest album is still rising on the rump of the charts. No wonder therefore that Gary is one of the most sought after music producers today and his studios are usually fully booked.

Before this, Gary had made the recording of some of his songs titled Ewa jo (come and dance) and put them out on cassettes and CDs and released in Europe and Canada.

- excerpts from article by Fred Iwenjora, Vanguard Newspapers.