Rapper Pooh



Rapper Pooh

Full Name: rapper pooh (1/3 of little brother)
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: 6 hole record (6hole.com)
Website: http://www.hallofjustus.com

the listening 2002
Sleepers 2005
strongest man 2005

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Traditionally in a family, the older siblings are the people that lead the way for their younger brothers and sisters. Well, in music the same concept applies as Little Brother stepped into the scene a couple of years ago with their incredible debut 'The Listening' as their group name pays homage to certain artists like; A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Common and Jungle Brothers. Little Brother, the siblings that have studied, admired and finally come into their own right as adults in the music world.

Like the groups associated with the Native Tongues, Little Brother consists of two emcees that are both thought provoking and clever with their rhymes creating a breath of fresh air in a toxic waste of what we call the music industry. Now, with a cult following for what people call the "new coming of the Tongues," one third of Little Brother, rapper Big Pooh steps into his britches with his solo album 'Sleepers,' (read Preach's review of Sleepers).

"Obviously I have grown as a person from all of these experiences and it will show in my music as well as Little Brother's ", admits Big Pooh. "I am no longer the same guy who made 'The Listening'. I have developed my sound and worked on things to make myself a better emcee. You learn from things you do in the past and from what others do. Hopefully from my solo effort Sleepers, the listeners will be able to get a better idea of who Big Pooh is."

'Sleepers' tend to accomplish just that with near flawless production and a cohesiveness that allows the listener to dive right in and not want to climb out, proves that not only can Little Brother uphold their ground as a unit but also have an impact separately. To ignore the parallels of Native Tongues to Pooh's collective Justus League/Hall of Justus is difficult, as their bond extends past the recording booth actually showing more of a family presence rather than just an artist relationship. Hall of Justus is comprised of members from Little Brother, Yazarah, The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Chaundon, O-Dash, Khrysis, Big Dho, and others. "The Justus League has become a family for us, not just for music, but for life," Pooh confesses.

In 2004, Halls of Justus teamed up with the newly formed label 6 Hole Records, headed by Kansas City Royals 2nd Baseman Desi Relaford, to release a series of albums from the crew, including Big Pooh's Sleepers. Other projects to be released through this partnership
include albums from 9th Wonder, The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y and of course Big Pooh's 'Sleepers' which is in stores now which features the song "Strongest Man" which the live version is featured here on Resonated Radio, along with an exclusive interview with Peter Reefer.

After wetting everyone's whistles with 'Sleepers', don't expect Big Pooh and friends to settle down anytime soon. Look for Little Brothers sophomore album (debut major label) 'The Minstrel Show' this summer on Atlantic records. If it's anything like we've heard leading up to this release, I'll be first in line with money to spend.