Wale Oyejide



Wale Oyejide

Full Name: Wale Oyejide
Music Genre: afrobeat
Label: Angry Robots Records
Website: http://www.waleoyejide.com

Wale Oyejide - "This Is Dedicated To..." (featuring MF Doom) 12"

Wale Oyejide - "One Day...Everything Changed" LP

Wale Oyejide - "There's A War Going On" 12"(featuring J-Dilla)

Shaman Work Presents: "The Family Files Vol. 1"

Wale Oyejide - "Broken Jazz 101" (Promo EP)

Science Fiction - "Hold On" 12" [3EM-021]

Roosevelt Franklin - "Something's Gotta Give" [3EM-020]

Wale Oyejide - "Kaya" 12" [SWV001]

The Alpha Project Vol. 2

The Sounds Of Science: (Science Fiction Vs. Lil' Sci)

Science Fiction - "Walls Don't Exist" LP [3EM-017]

Science Fiction - "The Sunshine" 12" [3EM-016]

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Listed in April 2004 as one of URB Magazine’s “Next 100…”, Wale Oyejide was introduced to the world as instrumentalist “Science Fiction” in the summer of 2003. No stranger to critical acclaim, the debut ‘Sci-Fi’ album was awarded a bold 4.5/5 by URB. A near flawless attempt that was arguably only hindered by its author’s youth and inexperience (he was only 22 when it was released). And so after getting one to grow on, Wale returns to boldly step out from behind the boards. This time, as a vocalist, bearing what fragments of his soul he didn’t leave littered on his debut album. Entitled ‘One Day, Everything Changed’, this self-produced album is a conceptual journey from West Africa’s Nigeria, to the United States. Paralleling his travels from ‘there to here’ in song, Wale manages to touch upon his many cultural influences without missing a beat

This might just be the first album that can double as both the soundtrack to a revolution and love-making sessions at the same time. But maybe that is indeed what has been missing. After all, every revolution is at the heart, an act of the deepest kind of love. So with that said, someone should warn the industry giants. Tell them to bar the exits and tighten their choke-holds as long as they still can…because there’s about to be a war going on outside.