Full Name: Richy Ajirotutu
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Still Finding
Website: http://www.daflipmusic.tk


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my real name is Richy adekunle Ajirotutu from Ondo State , I was born in some 23 yrs ago. started my music carrier in 1999 with the secondary school music group called after my name Rich Boiz and after them moved to a group called Blackboiz but my name then was called blackamore . But after entring higher institution in 2001 i changed my name to tastycool which was given to me by fans in the school for my music carrier. I presented a lot of programmes on the Radio station in the school called OSPO FM.But later after my graduation as an ND holder , i moved and formed an entertainment group called Bulls Entertinment. One of the Local Strong entertainment group in Ondop State,We have Actors, Artist and various set of entertainers that makes up the group.Now he has written 11 tracks of music which is yet to come out due to some financial problems some of which he duets with star actors Like Dr Scent-Hole (Uk) ,Slope Kickxx and many more artist in Town. he has succsfully went for a lot of shows in and otside the town of Akure in Ondo state.