Full Name: Dike Onwuka
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: None

Hit Ur Head is my single released in 2005

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Doveway is a newly emerged artist, of the hip-hop world in Nigeria. He is an Abia State Born Rap star who currently resides in Port Harcourt. His real names are Dike Sunday Onwuka, born to Mr. and Mrs. Onwuka Ndudem in the early 80s. He is fair in complexion, 5ft 4in tall. As a rap star, he started his music career in 1998, but the pursuit for his debut album started in the year 2000. His determined nature made him so popular from the church where he started rapping and throughout his province. According to Doveway, he has come to place judgment of all rap stars and musicians in Nigeria as a whole. His single, “Hit Your Head” which was a very commercial side of Doveway, has now become the most controversial track on the air waves. The track disses ruggedman, Jeffy J and Styl-Plus. The spectacular pattern in which Doveway dissed them had allocated a lot of criticism as well as fans. While some hate Doveway for dising Rugged Man, others like him for what he is doing. The controversy has become so much that one of Port Harcourt based newspaper known as THE ADVERT decided to interview Doveway on his single. The interview is due to be released by Monday, 14th March, 2005 Right now Doveway is not on any record label but promises his fans the best in hip hop music. Contact Doveway:, Or call: +2348036640506