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It was a dark night at the Church of God mission Int. Inc. It was the famous 'praise night' where people got on stage to show their singing talent. Victor and his friends were all seated together enjoying the show. Suddenly Victor asked the guys why they couldn't all sing a song as a group together. They thought about it, then agreed.. So they went outside, rehearsed a song and were ready to sing accapella, but then they needed a name... so many names where called up but they ended up going on stage as "Eternal Voices".

Seven of them in number, namely Best, Success, Maxwell, David, Confidence, Osas and Victor, they went on stage and received a standing ovation after their song was through. These seven boys began singing in all other praise nights but later stopped because Best and Success (both brothers) had to go back to school. Osas lost interest in the group. So to people, eternal voices may never sing again. Victor didn't wanna give up on the group so he and his two younger brothers. Confidence and David still stuck together and decided to go pro with the band and come up with an album or single. Maxwell didn't give up either, so the seven boys now became four.

They started out rehearsing songs no Nigerian band had ever thought of doing before, songs by the famous Backstreet boys, Nsync etc... They finally decided they were ready to go back on stage so "ETERNAL" was born.

These four guys shocked and thrilled the Nigerian audience and fellow musicians by bringing the Backstreet boys, Nsync and Westlife to life on stage. The reaction of the crowd made them decide that it was time to hit the studios so they began writing their own songs. They'll be hitting the studios sometime this month for their first single "Higher than the Kings" due to be released November 2002.

The boys have had successful outings ever since they start out together as Eternal and are still having more successful outings to come.