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Full Name: Nwamuo Sylvester
Music Genre: reggae
Label: Quest media

My destiny,Lagos na wa.all in dec. 2004.

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I was born early 80,s, somewhere in isiala Ngwa Norht of Abia State.Attended Umunna comp. School, Umuosu Nsulu .Finished at Orisigu high sch. ketu lagos state.<2002>I started singing at kindergarten age.I was also a chorister at st. Micheal,s parish ketu.Notwithstanding, i started writting song in 1999, at Orisigu.Moreover, i had written $composed over sixty <60> songs.My debut album is due to be release this yaer<2005>. However, my two <2> singles
where released late last year on air.

Despite oppsitions from my farmily members, my beleve is that; whatsoever my mind can concieve and believe, that i can achieve