El Dee


El Dee

Full Name: Loknan Dombin
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Website: http://www.paybacktymerecords.com


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El Dee is a battle-ready, lyrical warlord. He puts the fear of the unknown into any MC that disagrees. This brother has been putting pen to paper as far back as 1985. Not only was he a rhyme animal, he's also been through all. He gives credence to the statement "Don't just go through Hip-hop, let Hip-hop go through you".

The first encounter with Solo Dee was in 1990 when the two MCs traded mad rhymes in front of a packed collosium, 3000 people deep. At the end of the session, the crowd erupted, there was mad noise in the air. The two MC's then promised to hook up in the future and burn some more bridges.

Eldee, as an MC, has the added advantage of being a freestyle
fanatic. He will humiliate any MC that raises his arm. A bad-azz producer, Eldee is currently one of the best on-air personalities at Rhythm FM 93.7, Lagos, steadily adding the Funk Flavour to the rhythm.

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