Clone-x Unit



Clone-x Unit

Full Name: Sagajones,DanNely and Alex
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Utmost Production

The Genesis
Young n Old
Free me
I'm Sorry featuring Sagajones
here we come
ere lawa se
saga and genesis

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After Secondary Education, JONES-RULE join silver boiz football club in 1995 we he met with ajayi olorunfemi and abidakun olorunfemi, in 1996 after complete his computer studies he goes to music with the newgees where he definitely make a name and change his name from JONES-RULE to Gee Sagajones his real name "Salami Ganiyu Gabriel Jones after which he met with Omodara Sunday A.K.A. DanNelly his cousin whom happen to be a friend to Alex, The clone-x Unit which consist of Gee Sagajones, DanNelly and Alex release their first album "GENEIS" in 2005 produce by BAYO of UtmostProduction and Sagajones