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Full Name: Ecclezia
Music Genre:


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The name "Ecclezia" will quickly remind bible scholars about one of its books in the Bible.

The word ecclezia literary means " the called out ones" which refers to people who belong or represent the body of Christ. That's exactly what the group is all about. They are the contemporary gospel group taking urban music in general to another level.

The group which evolved from an accapella quartet in the late 90's called the "Stewards" has since then been activly performing in several outings and concerts around the country, creating a new form of singing, dancing and dressing.

Ecclezia has carved out a culture that allows the young and young at heart realise that it is possible to serve God at your youth and still enjoy Christainity.

Presently working on their debut album, the group has bent it's back to bring out exceptionally good music. They believe in patience and non-mediocrity which finally radiates their competence internationally.

There music which is called Fusion is a blend of diverse music genres together with african instruments, thus making their music distint yet cutting accross the old and young. The group writes, produces and performs there music.

Looking into the future of gospel music in Africa is a major concern of the group. For this reason they have come togther with some skilled hands in making a production outfit "GODHOUSE".

The mission of the outfit is to groom young and raw talents to compete professionally. Though in it's budding stage, GODHOUSE's vision is to be Africa's biggest and most reliable multimedia oufit.

The members of the group are Ngigs, Dede and visually impaired Cobhams who is the backbone of the group and also a potential member of the group being the producer as well.