Full Name: Dabi Kanyinsola
Music Genre: other
Label: BillingsLabel
Website: http://www.kanyinsola.com

"Irinajo" (Rhythmic voyage)

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Debo Dabi Kanyinsola..aka
.. is an electrifying master drummer leading an ensemble performing traditional Yoruba dun dun drumming, song, and spectacular dance

Dabi is an all-round master drummer and is accomplished in an array of Yoruba traditions and drumming styles. He has emerged over a decade as the most revered gangan drummer in Nigeria, and perhaps the most famous gangan
drummer in the world. At home in Nigeria, he is known for his expertise in every genre from gangan to bata, sakara, agidigbo, and akuba . Between 1990 and 2002, Dabi has toured internationally performing in dozens of high-profile festivals and independent tours of the USA, Germany, India, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Holland and France. Apart from being steeped in Yoruba tradition as a ritual drummer, and touring with his Yoruba drumming Ensemble known
as DDK, Dabi is a flexible and experimental virtuoso, leading his eclectic group DunDunPercussion .