Full Name: chuddy henry
Music Genre: hiphop
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My name is Chynzino A.K.A Chuddy Henry; born to establish it in rap industry. I started up right back in secondary school where I seem not to understand the rules of the game.
When friends were disloyal to me, telling me to shun my music, I sometimes felt sadness but never disgust; I felt this rather as a reassurance on my side. Most of what I had been confronted with in the course of the journey through the hell of myself had been false and worthless, even as obstacles infringed upon my instinct tried to pulled me off the target.
Right now Iím still writing in my column with my biro flipping through tracks like never before. Iím kind of like a different versatile being in different aspect of musical lyrics like hip hop. Rap. R&B etc.
I am influenced by my interest in music; still riding with my clique ďDouble MĒ Minute men. WE GOTTA MAKE IT2 DA PEAK