Real Elements


Real Elements

Full Name: Real Elements
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Abstrak Beatz Entertainment


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Southern Africa, Malawi in particular, is the main place R.E. calls home. All four members of the group have at least one Malawian parent and have a large proportion of their lives there. Individually they have also spent time in other countries, namely, South Africa, Denmark, Zambia, USA, Kenya and the U.K. Being exposed to various cultures and places makes it possible for R.E. to draw on a diverse well of experiences when creating their music. Evidence of this diversity can be found in all aspects of their work from the topics they discuss the languages they use, and the rhythms, incorporated in their songs. With such a colourful background R.E. can afford to use truth and real life situations as a backbone to most of their material, and so saving the use of their imagination for the presentation. Resulting in a presentation that rarely fails to be distinct, sharp, and full of character.

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