Full Name: Andrew Mosheshe
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Nil

Demo/No Rumour,It's Fishe/El-Loco

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Born in the small West German county of Fulda, son of a doctor and a teacher, raised in the African country of Nigeria, currently living the USA, Fishé -- real name Andrew Mosheshe, 25 -- is the most unique rapper on the scene. "My music portrays the violently negative, drug-influenced, criminally warped, sexually deviated," says Fishé with a crooked grin. This profoundly vulgar outspoken lyrical maniac has the potential to cause a tidal wave of controversy with his outrageous skill and naked ambition. His rhymes are original, his poetic gift cannot be ignored. Influences: Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Heavy D, Bob Base, Rakim, NWA.

This is a Black Man, a self-described "nobody", who, ultimately, will be remembered for taking his destiny in his own two hands and, after relentless efforts spurred by extreme determination, fulfilled all of his dreams and aspirations by becoming the first Afrikano rapper to make it big in the USA. "Africa is currently ravaged by poverty, war and disease. I intend to be philanthropic in all its ramifications. Simply put, I'm a phenomenon, a unique though controversial and extremely gifted wordsmith," says Fishé with his characteristic Muhammad Ali-like braggadocio.

As a kid, he mimed the rhymes to "every popular rap song from Sugar Hill Gang to Curtis Blow," he remembers, before turning introspective, creatively penning words at a furious clip as a young teenager about the misery he'd constantly see on the streets all around him: arson, murder, thievery, street gangs. Using his wits to not only create his dark poetry but to stay alive, Fishé developed a knack for catching the action of whatever he saw within his rhymes.

As he's written: "I say whatever I like, whenever, wherever, however, cause freedom of expression is not a privilege, but my right!"