Full Name: Ayodeji Kassim Durosinmi Etti
Music Genre:
Label: C-Fellaz Records

1. Eni Lojo Pe (Single/2000)
2. Tonight is the Night (Single/2004)

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Dejavoe is a twenty seven year old talented singer/songwriter. Born in
Lagos, Nigeria to Nigerian parents from a tribe called Yoruba.

Dejavoe's real name is Ayodeji Kassim Durosinmi Etti.He has performed in
many hood shows.

It was ten years ago he discovered his talent in music and since then he
has been working on his career.Presently,he is studying audio sound

Time spent in music secured him with a rich rhythmical and cultural
background which is ever present in his work.

His music is a refreshing spark of light reminescent of past greats the
likes of which include Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Haruna Ishola, Bob Marley, Anita
Baker, Bob Jamericans and J.

First and foremost a singer, he is also a self-taught drummer who more
than often dabbles on the Konga drum.Coming to grips with the instrument
has helped his development as a songwriter and led to a prolific
backdrop of songs.

A stirring lyricist,he has so far been able to tackle the wider issues
of spirituality,self discovery and brotherhood of man amongst many
others.There is a unique humility in him.