lil' Dexter ( da halogen)



lil' Dexter ( da halogen)

Full Name: Iyodalo Dexter
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Al' Qaeda records / Dexterz muziq Laboratory

ChemicalX,Apocalypsis , Revolution, chain reaction

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Y'all ain't seen shit yet, if u haven't heard dexter, u havent heard, jack. this guy is hot. At 16 i am presently the youngest and hottest m.c in town. i surfaced from the wild,wild west (Benin=brooklyn)where
all dem hot lips reside. Men Lagos guyz una gats chill for some moment(maybe 4eva) when dis benin guyz start surfacing.
soon ma site will be updated so u'll be able to feel how dis young dude rips the likes of bow wow on a daily basis. "Men i ain't gat time for dat dude now, right now i'm working on a lot of shit now, so i ain't gat time for some peice of shit like hooking up some kinda beef with bow. naturally when i rap, bow wow can't even open his mouth,i've got lots of important shit to trash in ma album, Bow wow is not ma probs"
i've been working with some producers in texas for quite some time now, and now i'm tru i'm recording with ma label (AL ' Qaeda) here in Nig.
i've got some affiliations with some good mc's in benin, so far i feel dey are they the best Nigeria has to offer. with the likes of Cyrus, Al paccino, luci and a host of 'em u guyz got to check da hood out