LORDREIGN a.k.a Da Chosen One



LORDREIGN a.k.a Da Chosen One

Full Name: seun nejo
Music Genre: hiphop

i have an album with a group yet to be released!

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what up MCs and prospective(lovings) fans out there!you have don well by checking out my bio!i really appreciate ur gesture and time spent!u re welcomed! common on board!let's take a ride!my real names re SEUN NEJO,my artistic name is LORDREIGN and i come form a family that is blessed,breed and born into Music!my type of music/hip-hop is based/focused on life philosophies,my life ,gospel of christ and everyday happenings.i choose this name to as a bid to proclaim and remind people that God reigns 4rever! i have two brothers in the game"MC ZEAL WHO HAPPENS TO BE A LYRICIST,EMMMCCCCEEEE AND A HIP-HOP FANATIC" AND "B-KID WHOSE FLOWS I SEE AS BEEN TOO HARD,HEAVY AND LETHAL FOR EMMMCCCES IN THE GAME THOUGH HE IS DIFFERENT FROM HIS ARTISTIC LIFE N NATURE,HE CLAIM COMPETION IS HEALTHY FOR THE GAME AND IS PART OF THE GAME"i am also a song writer,dancer and artist!i do graffitti!which is one of the branches of the culture called hip-hop!!the name of my immediate family/crew is DA CONQUEST AND WE ARE UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF "GHETTO STARS" Ghetto run things!!!!