Full Name: Lanre Lawal
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues

Unleashed, 2003
The Album, 2004
Afro Calypso, 2004

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Blarque Entertainment is a new and one of the prestigious Entertainment company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Since 2001, we have achieved our success by helping our artists and songwriters achieve theirs. Our mission is to find and develop new and deserving talent.

Every day, something new and exciting is happening at our office. Many of our artists are being approached by record companies, booking agents, management companies, and publishers. The company has become a wellspring of opportunity for the truly talented.

Blarque Entertainment is now able to offer our clients "State of The Art" tools for promotion and career development.

We are the proud owner of the new record label in Lagos; CLOCKWYCE RECORDS. Be on the look out for us. Operations shall begin soon. ~~~~watch out!!!

We are the first, and only company of our type, to fully integrate 'Electronic Marketing' into our portfolio of services.

Our services cuts across every aspect of Entertainment. We offer the best services at reasonable prices. Our Services are: Artistes Management, Event Management, Music Promotion and Entertainment Consultancy.

ARTISTES MANAGEMENT is our business and we do it at the best. Blarque Entertainment is Nigeria's first and only Artistes management company; we get our artistes record deal that'll change their lives to the better.

our EVENT MANAGEMENT department is the best. We manage every kind of event and make every event we manage the "talk of the people". Try us today....

MUSIC PROMOTION is an aspect we're expertise at. We handle promo for jobs to its best and our clients/customers enjoy the best of promo and they commend us day in day out for a job well done...

ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANCY, this we do at its best. We give expert advices to our clients and...they get us connected.

Try Blarque Entertainment're sure of getting the best...

Blarque Entertainment...the household name in the world of Entertainment.

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