The Revolutioners



The Revolutioners

Full Name: The Revolutioners The Revolutioners
Music Genre: hiphop
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The name came about in a dark room in a secret corner of Dalet barracks, Kaduna when a deep desire coming out in full blown had to pump out of two solid minds. Our mission is to paint the hearts of men in a way that has never been before: Betrayals, tragedies hopes and despair is the message we convey, making men to be more realistic.
The Revolutioners was intially comprised of 3 guys but gradually graduated into 2 well meaning and good thinkers: Godwin Clement a.k.a. G-doms and Emmanuel Pius a.k.a. Stain. The Revolutioners think music, sleep music, talk music, act music and make music. Music to us is a way toentertaingly express our personal/public pressing perceptions to life. The Revolutioners are not only musicians but poets.
G-doms' Last words:If i can't see with my eyes and listen with my ears, then i'll do both in my mind.
Stain's last words:Collision with the true picture of life got my mind in flame.