Dj Vinnie



Dj Vinnie

Full Name: Micheal Adebayo
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Vinnie Productions

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Dj Vinnie was born on the 18th feb 1972 at General Hospital Ikeja,Lagos Nigeria. He is the 1st kid of a family of 4 and His real name been Micheal Adebayo. Dj Vinnie had the love for his career
at a tender age of 12 and started up to make an impact at the age of 18. He first played for Ray Power 100.5 fm and Rhythm 93.7 fm Lagos Nigeria.He is a talented young Dj and used to put the roof on fire when ever he played at the Radio Stations,Clubs and Gigs. Dj Vinnie has won somany metit awards. In the year 2002 he transfered to South Africa and cot a contract with a radio station Yfm 99.2. Dj vinnie has been to also been to Europe for his Dj course.

Dj Vinnie has been a professional Dj since 1990. Influenced by Funk Master Flex and Red Alert.He began the noble art after his secondary school days. He's been to Europe in the course of his profession and was a guest Dj at YFM, South Africa, He was on the wheels of steel when def soul's montell jordan was in also when conscious rapper,Talib Kweli and original Ganstar, Guru were in jo'burg. "First of all,seeing you as a Dj right here in South Africa, they'll look at you as a drop out. Sometimes i'll be working in a studio getting dough at the end of the month. Dj Vinnie is so much talented and has really pulled so many crouds in Gigs, Clubs and Radio Station. He is an upcoming Dj who is ready to establish in Europe and also ready to take the world by storm with his Talented skills.

Watch out for Dj vinnie, hitting the gigs, clubs and radio stations near you. Dj vinnie is about to take the world as a whole by storm.