Noah p6


Noah p6

Full Name: noah yusuf
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues

[here i come] the name of the album.will release the year 2005

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My name is Noah Yusuf from Adamawa State, minchika local govt. I started this game some years back,when I become one of the great talented artist, in my area ,also known as p6. .then .it goes on and on, when I started writing my own songs, in a local level which had take me to a level were people begin to know that, they have a talent person in the area, known as [Panshekara] , [in kano state] then, I was in school doing my thing at the same time. Also I was an actor which I receive the award as the best actor in my church , more so, I was a member in a choir in my church, and I sing alto, also one of the best alto in the choir then , I decide to go on this game of music when I was in a group of people which we sing together in some years back, then I now find out that, am good on my own, then I went on further to sing alone, were I wrote about 32 songs on my at that time, then it goes on and on till when I took one of m y song , and went to the studio to see how good I am, and then it was cool , where the people in my area appreciate the job.
Then I go on to a level which I have been featured, In some songs form different group of artist, .and am also a comedian, actor, also an musician, who sing R&B also rap , And I have act in some movies in the hausa movie industry in kano city. This and more have make be great and popular in kano and some of the state in north and other area. In this game of music had take me so that my music [my single known as every time she see me] have been popular in the best radio station in kano , know as freedom f.m this and more have make be proud of talent, been the musician that I am today. And most of all I still need a producer who really know the game, with this am saying am goner cook out some thing good for my people of Nigeria,& Africa in whole. Stay on your ears and hear and watch out this soup am going to cook for you from the African pot, and this is coming soon from p6. the boom.[here I come]