Full Name: Mbsoul Productions
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Mbsoul Productions
Website: http://www.mbsoul.itgo.com


Givin' it up(single)-2003
Party up in here f/t M.Thrill(single)-2004

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The year-2002;the place-University of Port-Harcourt,Nigeria;the people-6 freshmen recently admitted into the school to study for careers in Engineering,Computer Science and Political Science;the link-the love for making good music;the result-the hip hop ensemble MBSOUL.

The above paragraph summarily tells the MBSOUL story without delving into a lot of stuff.It hasn't been easy given the kinda country we're in.They were previously known as CLOOZ when they were still a 5-man act before the addition of a friend who was honing his skills whilst hanging with them in 2003 and then adopting the moniker MBSOUL meaning Mynd,Bodi & Soul afterwards.These young men all in their early 20's have decided that going to school and still being able to make good music at same time was indeed possible.With an understanding of what good hip hop music should actually be,the determination to make such music as well as a huge ability of being in the know of the in and out of the business part of it,these men have their sights fixed on taking the Nigerian music scene by storm.Guaranteed they are still faced with their own fair share of problems ever present in a "non-existent" Nigerian music industry,they are still however able to hold their own amidst all that.People who are in the business know that running a group with as much as 6 members is quite an undaunting dask,ask D12 or disbanded Da Band..So when we see any still being able to do their stuff,they should be respected...Like member Voizbucks puts it,"We are not just a group,we are a movement."

Consisting of 5 rappers and an R&B singer,quite an unlikely partnership,you might say but when confronted with the combination of such fine talent,you will only be forced to sit back,relax and take a listen to what they've got..They've got Mackgee,Voizbucks,Mob,Spice E,Danikeys and R&B singer Soul completing the pack.

Currently working on their debut album titled "Truth Manifested' which is tentatively scheduled to drop in late 2004/early 2005, members are expected to bring their wealth of different experiences and backgrounds to bear.5 of them were raised in Nigeria's first capital,Lagos known for churning out quite a
good number of hip hop acts repping for the cause.

Hip hop raw and uncut,speak to my n**gas...
Mackgee from Givin it up(single)

Already the singles Givin' it up and Party up in here f/t M.Thrill have been recieving massive airplay in the Southern region of the country preceeding the album.Work would soon be completed on the "Truth Manifested" project
so lovers of good music don't really have to wait long before they get a good dose of it.Also putting in work alongside the group are affiliates K.O,Five and Black Halo.Then there is also the massive posse,LEGION,encompaasing every member of MBSOUL alongside their affiliates and every other person considered to be family to them.

What more to say than be on the lookout,MBSOUL is here!!!Keep your Mynd focused,your Bodi off not being real and your Soul free of wackness and let some good music hit you..