Full Name: Michael Ariyo
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Eternity Jamz
Website: http://None


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Flame, that's who Michael Ariyo really is. He hails from the Yoruba speaking part of Kogi State,Nigeria. This brother stepped into the game with such a burning desire to see that the music industry in Nigeria becomes more vibrant than ever before .Flame is an ardent believer of change ,change dependent on division of labour being duely observed in the industry.Though as an undergraduate,studyingat the great Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria-Nigeria,hesettles for songwriting,management and A&R Direction.

Flame rolls with Eternity Crew as one of the crew members and the youngest of all .The memers who are purely Northsidaz in the game are on the path of becoming the next thing that would be happening to the music industry in Nigeria, Africa and the worldover in the nearest future.The crew operates the following outfits: Eternity Jamz, Eternity Filmz, Eternity Wearz and Eternity Fundz with Sho' Master Jay at the helm of
affairs .

Graced with the lyrical prowess to go,Flame has successfully co-written a hit for

Syndicate.Straight to the chart "H-To-The-S" went.The track remains MCs ,DJs,Presenters and Announcers'favourite any day within and outside the country.Flame's debut artiste:Young Sadiq is expected to to rule the scene as long as music will last.