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b. Dombin Sabo, February 1, 1976,
Baron started producing music in 1992, in Jos, Plateau State. First few efforts were hard core Hip hop views on drugs, sex and violence. After his graduation from the afore mentioned (Sex, Drugs, violence) in 1993, He teamed up with 'X- Ray', to form 'The Kaffa Klad', a duo with drastically different views, bordering on conscious rap. This alliance resulted in the release of the hit tracks, 'Feel the vibe' and 'Day by day'.

In 1994, the Kaffa Klad metamorphosed into the rap group, I.- C (Ill Conspiracy) with new members, Mr Hyde, and 'The Kreature'
This four man group recorded numerous demos, including the pulsating 'Tabularassa' and the thought provoking 'dreams, pains and lies'.

Early in 1997, Baron
produced and featured in a number of tracks on the movie 'Out of Bounds', produced by and starring the popular actor, Richard Mofe Damijo. Later that year He became a member of the 'Alliance For The Entrenchement of Rap Music Artform Techniques and Hiphop' (AFTERMATH), a seven man clique with focus on lyrical domination in the Hip Hop music scene. This alliance, later became SWATROOT.