Full Name: Oluseye Abudiore
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Xtraordinary Entertainment
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/extraordinaryman

1996 till date..2010

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Oluseye Abudiore,popularly known as XMAN,A.K.A DADDYJETLI,is a Nigerian International Hip Hop Artist,Rapper,Songwriter and Entertainer.

XMAN was born in Ibadan,Oyo State,Nigeria to Chief J.O Abudiore and Miss M.O Folagbade. During XMAN's High School days, he love listening to tracks from 2PAC,DMX,NAS,PUFF DADDY,MASE. He was influenced by the Late Tupac Shakur,because he love his music and rap styl...e. He started going for musical competition in Various High Schools right from Senior secondary School 1,miming 2PAC music and Freestyling his own rap music way back 1995.He has performed in many parties and competitons from 1994-2001.


In 2001,XMAN went to The Polytechnic Ibadan.Later in 2007,He went to Europe for his University Studies in Cyprus.He had his B.Sc in Information Technology in Cyprus.While in Europe,He has been upgrading his rap styles and techinques to meet the international standard just like Jay Z,DMX,50 CENT e.t.c.
In 2010,He is Currently doing his Masters Degree in Management Information System (MIS) in Cyprus International University.

Music Career

XMAN returned to his music career in 2010.He Founded An Entertainment Called XTRAORDINARY ENTERTAINMENT and he dropped his singles namely ,WON KO MIJE,WHAT'S MY NAME and I WANT YOU, which has been his hit singles and he said more of them are still coming on the way.He has been signing in new talented upcoming artists to his Entertainment and planning to take the world of rap to the next level.He called himself Emperor Of Rap and his soldiers are going to rock the World of Rap.

Rap Technique

His rap techniques are in all the languages he understands which are English Language,Pidgin English and Yoruba Language.He said that if he hear any other language,even if its heavenly language,he will rap with it.The talents its too much for him,despite he stutters a little bit sometimes when he is talking..but he doesnt stutters when it comes to rap..thats why he called himself the Xtraordinary Man (XMAN).His rap are mainly Solo Raps and little bit of Hardcore,but people said XMAN is spitting fire whenever he raps.

Now he is taking the Rap music to the next level....