Baddar Boyz



Baddar Boyz

Full Name: Baddar Boyz
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1.Dancehall (Jan 2004)

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The group was founded in 1999. The name "Baddar Boyz" is not an informed word. It is basically more of a slang by which powerful lyricists like the duo of vector and blaze are identified with because of their captivating voices and lyrics. As a slang, "Baddar" simply means "Too Good" which naturally describes the group.

Vector is known for his ability to free style. The name was derived from the term vector quantity that is quantities with magnitude and directions. He feels the power of his rap is directed to a particular thing.

Blaze is known for his fast way of rapping. The name was chosen because or his blazing lyric which explains why parts of his rap often comes in a flash. the group signed to eldinero records, an upcoming British based independent hip-hop label in december 2003 and are presently working on their debut album which will be released in summer 2004.