Full Name: victor onuoha
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Suddenly records

Deeper than the Streets (D.T.T.S)

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Victor C. Onuoha, known as Magin, was born in Lagos,Nigeria in the 1980's. He was the last child born of his family, grew up as an inventor, always wanting to invent things as a little boy, but never knew he would
grow up to invent his own music and not material things on earth, but to spread a message with his music. Started doing rap from high school back then in Igbobi college Yaba, started as a hobby but is now known as His character.....Magin
Influenced by the likes of Jayz, Nas, Eminem and the likes of modern day rappers, Lil Wayne and Currency; This has brought him up as a mixtape rapper, rapping here and there, now out of the crew 234, featuring P.I., a rap artist on the edge as well.
9ja is about to witness an inmate that has been given a Life sentence, Great defines His presence , infact His presence is Greatness.