Full Name: Ekene Onyilogwu
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Indie
Website: http://www.myspace.com/drencoonline

The Birth(1st Coming) 2007/2008

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Song Writer, Hip hop Artiste & Performer Kaynay Drenco was born in the "Coal City", South East Nigeria. He has been in the "Naija" music scene for quite some years now. First ever recording "Funktion" which featured zeilo. Amazing hit though it was never aired, alot of people loved it and had it pumping in their cars and cribs at the time. 2003, he joined forces with a group of artistes, and they were called D.O.Beez which stood for Deez Otha Brothaz. The band recorded an album which was titled "Pick Am Keep Am(Cosmopolitan)". Drenco, is a uniquely gifted artist of extraordinary versatility. Thus, makes music based on life experiences. Due to his past life in the slums where alot of negative things occur, and teenage rough life style. Some of his lyrics have this relentless feel behind them. He stated: "music is an expression of my life". Furthermore, Drenco has intentions of embarking on his own solo projects. Having compiled a bunch of thought-provoking lyrics, with slamming and loud banging instrumentals. The hit track "I Go Still Make Am" which was produced by Ghana-born New York based Eric Kwabena "Coptic" Matlock is already in rotation in some radio stations in Nigeria. The Birth(1st Coming) also went live on I TUNES worldwide and is expected to hit the local stores as well. Drenco believes his skills meet the international standard, and he is also willing to work with major artistes, international producers, DJs etc both inside and outside Nigeria. Downloads available @ www.tunecore.com/music/drenco