Jay Skillx a.k.a da famous mc



Jay Skillx a.k.a da famous mc

Full Name: Udorji Chijioke
Music Genre: hiphop
Website: http://www.myspace.com/jskills

Happy time,singles(a collabo wit my crew'horror squad')

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My greatest desire since my childhood was to become a famous producer and independently run a record company which I personally labelled as 'MONEY BEATS'.
I started rapping over instrumentals and learning on other beats,from there,I learnt how to produce and work on instrumentals,especially hip-hop beats.
As a talented rap entertainer,my delivery,lyrical gusto,spontaneous rhymes and punchlines were drawn from the likes of Doc-dre,kenya west,Jay-Z etc,on the home front,M.I,Mode9,OD,Ruggedy baba etc,got me swayed.
I've recorded a couple of tracks and am still working on my debut album. My first single 'east coast' which was collectivey released with my crew 'horror squad' was strategically delayed to study the market and the anticipating fans and it was strictly done to promote the image of the squad. Currently,we have successfully recorded another hit single titled 'happy time', the shooting of the video is still on progress. I strongly beleived the song is going to tear the market apart.