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Full Name: Adegbite Adeniran & Adekunle Tomomewo
Music Genre: hiphop
Label: Little fish records

'Never ending' , 2000
Shoegetsize, 2004

Song Samples

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Artquake is: ADX, real name Adegbite Adeniran and ICE-K real name Tomomewo Olakunle. The duo stated their musical career in 1995 while they were in the higher institution and released their debut album in 2000 tittled NEVER ENDING which consist of hit tracks like Abulelawa, Shamagbadun and Anycolour.

This album was released under Corporate picture music. With their debut they were able to perform in so many states in Nigeria and also at one time performed alongside MAGIC SYSTEM of 'Gaou' fame at Port Harcourt.

Artquake has a new album tittled SHOE GET SIZE, which presently isone of the fastest and highest selling Afro Hiphop album in Nigeria.

This album includes tracks like; U MUST DANCE which is one of the most expensive video in Nigeria, because it involved HANKS ANUKU, a veteran actor and DELE ODULE, one of the most versatile actors in Nigeria. More so about 40 female models from different part of Nigeria, also check out the costumes and different types of Champaign. Look out for U MUST DANCE video on CHANNEL "O" and BEN TV- LONDON, A.I.T International and all other local TV Station within Nigeria.

KONKO JABELE, a song that features PASUMA WONDER, who is one of the most popular fuji musician in Nigeria, and RUGGEDMAN. KONKO JABELE is a song with hiphop groove and fuji blend .Also look out for KONKO JABELE video on CHANNEL "O" and BEN TVLondon,A.I.T International and all other local TV Station within Nigeria.

U CHOP MY MONEY, a song with reggae rhythm more so very comical.

GIVE ME CHANCE, a comical love song done with an Indian flavor blend instrumental.

BABA MI, a gospel track that featured OMOLOLU a song writer, musician and a prolific producer.

SHOIE GET SIZE, a very funky gyration track.

CHOP I CHOP, a song featuring TONY TETUILA who seems to be the groups' third eye.

SHAMAGBADUN, the remix from the first album had to done cos the demand for it was too high.

GA EPE, a song done in EGUN Language spoken in Badagry Togo Republic of Benin with such an irresistible rhythm.

Presently Artquake is working on the release of their musical video on V.H.S and VCD, This will constitute of their old and new videos such as Abulelawa, Shamagbadun, Anycolour, Shoe get size(Super Eagle Version), U Must Dance, Konko Jabele, U Chop My Money and Ga epe also including some stage performances and interviews.

This album is released on LITTLE FISH RECORDS which is being regarded as the best recording company in Nigeria.

ARTQUAKE Sees beyond Africa in their musical career as they are interpreted as the ERUPTION OF CREATIVE INNOVATION.