Full Name: Jay Ikwan Snr.
Music Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Label: BlackWorld Records/Entertainment- Mo Music Management

1.Immortal (Single)2004
2.Play With Me (Single) 2004
3.Afta Dah Show (The Bone Squad Album)
Project X - 2004
Kronikles -- 2006
Kronikles da Preview -- 2009 February

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Stage Name: "Megajay"
Birth Name: Joseph Ikwan Ejim
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 190lbs
Birthday: Feburary 12th
Birthplace: Aba Abia State.Nigeria

Nigerian-born Megajay fondly called Jay.Ikwan is a multi-talented , songwriter, Singer, Instrumentalist and Non-denominational Christian Minister.

Together with his Production crew, BlackWorld Records humble Megajay creates music that simply defies categories: a unique fusion of R&Bhip-hop beats, African music, Naija pop and even salsa, with lyrics in Igbo (his native Nigerian language) and English that crosses cultural borders.

Also known for his charismatic stage persona and energetic live shows, ,Megajay is one of the most versatile and original artists to come out of the Naija in a long time .

Alongside with a host of Producers from Blackworld Records and Mo Music Entertainment. His current Album is off the Hook.Check it out

Why this name? Well, when I was in High-School , friends and folks called me Mega cos they thought I was thinking and doing things above my age, so they saw me as an excessively large achiever, So I adopted the name.

Do you play live? yes I Play Live. outdoor events from picnics and barbecues to parades and block parties, Church Concerts.

Band History: Since first appearing on the R&B scene in 2002,Nigerian R&B Hiphop Cat megajay has gone from singing in local concerts to becoming one of the most promising R&Bsoul man on the planet. From dancing in the Streets, The Little Church Boy and singing in Collabo Singles,He has continued to put out quality music people can party, dance, and bob their heads to while being Positive at the same time. He's even ghost written for some pretty popular hip-hop artists.

There’s no doubting the ripple effect caused by the phenomenal success stories of newly-minted solo chart-toppers . Next up to the plate is Megajay, who is primed to make his presence felt as he crafts a rhythm all his own. After making his mark as the lead singer of R&B’s multi-platinum quartet, IMC which comprises of Cherie and Kay X and the Bone Squad, Megajay now offers a glimpse into who he is today as a young man, first, and also as an artist with a solo debut, entitled, simply, Chronicles. The album is packed with equal doses of Ballad,Reggaton and mid-tempos and allows listeners to peep his flavor. For his debut, Megajay stepped into the booth with producers including C-Drill of the BlackVillians/BlackWorld Records, Joefeezle and KC-Melex .C-Drill As co-writer on 4 songs, he hopes to show fans a deeper insight of what goes on inside my head, he adds. Love is always the topic. Mega-jay is all about Positive, Cultural and International R&B Hip-hop music straight from the streets of the east coast of Naija. Mega-jay’s lyrics come original from a combination of Hebrew melodies, afro and American Pop. His most recent project [Mega-Jay Kronikles] shows all these sides. Man it's TIGHT! One listen to his about to be released new CD you have to agree, this one is for the history books.