Full Name: C-Gunz Entertainment
Music Genre: other
Label: None
Website: http://www.myspace.com/cgunzentertainment

Lyricology Album.
Dance ( feat. P.I.P. )
Am a Gee
Put Ma Money in your Bank

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C-Gunz are Twin rappers born in Bronx-New york,United States Of America came to Nigeria in 1999.They grew up being in love with classical Music which their father always played for them since when they were young. Real Names Peter Albert Madakson(X-base) and Peter Ramses Madakson(Ramzino),They stayed in Ahmadu Bello University Campus where they were exposed to Hiphop by Students and Friends. Listening to Artists Like Canibus,Jay Dizzle,Mode 9, Jus Allah, Jedi Mind Tricks & Many others, made them have great Love for Rap. Living in an environment of Music, they wanted to be like others, to start writing songs.They started writing songs with friends like Kripple-G, Shakes,Lil-phil,and Snowflake(who's hot album is also coming out soon). They all worked with DJ Supersonic of 3D Music who recorded their First song in 2003. As years went by, they gradually learnt how to produce beats. Loving Both Classical Music and Hiphop, they looked for a way to join both, forming a very unique style of beats which was surprising to artists & other producers. Surprisingly people started liking their work. People felt their Lyrics,Punchlines,Methaphors & Beats in particular.As they made some of their first beats they loved to put gun-shot sounds in them.And whenever they rapped in public,they always refered themselves as two guns attacking the cipher.So people gradually started calling them Double C-gunz(meanin Croc City Gunz)which they later desided to remove the Double and use C-GUNZ when they were recording their later songs. Living close to Jay Dizzle, Dizzle Guided them and gave them hope. Jay Dizzle being more than a Mentor to them, comes from the same Hometown (Tribe) as them, and Lives Very close to them. Jay Dizzle later introduced them to Jay Daemon, who exposed them to things like the A.B.U Cypher and Rap Battle Grounds which made them blow up quickly. Their Father Prof. P.B. Madakson who is a professor in Mechanical Engineering is their Mentor. They are both reading Engineering in order to become like him someday. C-Gunz has since been producing songs for artists and is currently finishing up a debut album,Lyricology. The album will be released when God intends it to. No record label at the moment,still Underground.