Full Name: Olusegun Babatunde
Music Genre: Hip Hiop
Label: Oraskon Records

Radio Airplay
The revolution featuring Joanne Botmang - 1999
Una Go Bow - 1999
Whitewash Them - 2000
I don dey come - 2001
She Said, featuring SWATROOT - 2001
Dangerzone, by SWATROOT: featured artist.

I'm losing my mind, by Binzino & Luci (featured artist) - 2001
Who dat? , by Def o clan (featured Artist) - 2001
IX Filez - Unreleased (Payback Tyme Records)

Song Samples

Sample 1: Nobody

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Full Song Download:



"I wrote my first rhyme in the late 80's and by 1992, I had recorded a rough demo called whatyallsayastyle is? After an abortive attempt to get a record deal, I abandoned the project , but still keeping close tabs on the Nigerian Rap scene, which was full of trash (so I thought anyway). For about 2years, MC ing was an on and off thing, till I hooked up with 2 Crucial (Patrick Obasi) in School (Federal polytechnic Bida, Niger State, Nigeria). Together, we formed a 9 man squad called the Body Snatchaz. The group split up nearly as fast as it was formed, with me and 2Crucial shacking together to form another group called DIATRYBE. We wrote about 6 Tracks (all unrecorded due to finance)

In Nigeria, A & R people and producers at that time would rather sign on a Raga, Reggae or highlife act than a Rapper. One actually told me to forget about it, that rap is for Americans and can never sell in Nigeria, unless it's in broken English, Yoruba, Hausa or Ibo, the three major languages in Nigeria. Back then, I was like YO! F.k it, I've had enough. So I decided to go back to cartooning with Hip Hop World magazine.

Funny enough, it was the publisher Ayo Animashaun who introduced me to SOLODEE (paybacktyme records C.E.O.) in 1996 and the next thing I knew was Damn!, I'm in a two man cypha, trading verses back 'n' forth with the man himself Solodee.

After we hooked up, I was introduced to Eldee and Baron from J town , Weez, El cream and Six foot plus (recently Terry the Rapman & Jiddah) now we fam yo!."

courtesy, Payback Tyme Records