Full Name: Ayuba Tete
Music Genre: Rhythm 'n' Blues


"Fashi" - Terry tha rapman
"Nigerians" - Terry tha rapman
"She said" - Mode9
"Fractured English"-mode9
"Maximum Funk"- O.D


"Oh yeah" (as a member of "croc city click")
"Get Crunk" (as a member of "the Crunks")
"WHICH ONE (we dey)?"
"All that i want"

Song Samples

Sample 1: Get Crunk

Sample 2: Whic one you dey?

Sample 3:

Full Song Download:



If you ask him what A.T means, he'll tell you it means "All That". And that is how to best describe his lyrical content.

"As much as possible, I try to sing about all the things a 20 something - year old brotha like myself could go through... and maybe rap a little to make the point clear." He raps under the alias "Tyler Durton".

Though the sound is predominantly R 'n' B, it is fused with different sounds from rock to soul to afro besat to rap. Straight outta Kaduna, the croc city, he's been making noise since '94. He first teamed up with Terry tha Rapman, razore, and Mr.Stan to form the rap group, "Croc City Click", after winning coutless talent contests as an individual.

There was then a break up and he went on to feature on Terry's, mode - 9's and O.D's albums. He went along with 6 foot plus on the road as a backup singer, hypeman and a human beat-box. He also teamed up with B-qube and J-vox, college buddies, to release a promo single,"get crunk", with his song, "which one (we dey)" on the B side. This song took the airwaves by storm making it an instant hit in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos.

But what should the people expect from a soon to be released A.T album? "relationships... between boy and girl, people and people, God and mankind, me and my music... just all kinds of relationships."

And what will the album title be? "What do you think? ALL THAT!"