5 Micz


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5 Micz

Full Name: Stanley Ikegbulam
Music Genre: other
Label: NFS Records


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Name: 5micz aka Enigmatic
Real name: Stanley Ikegbulam
Age: older than the sun, moon even Methuselah
Status: Married (2 the mics)
Star: Gemini
State of origin: Eastside
Nationality: Nigeria
Office: nfs records
Rank: fear factor one
Mentors: nas, rakim, 2pac, canibus, KRS - one, Craig Mack, Wutang, mosdef, krumbsnatcher, ruff ryders, notorious big etc

Hes the African rap tarzan discovered by the mics in the dept of the jungle stepped on every spike. 5micz schooled in Festac College Lagos, then University of Abuja Nigeria. He came up with name 5micz after winning one of the local block freestyle battles in festac Lagos Nigeria called fivemics. 5micz started writing in 1994 then took the game seriously in 1996, when he first met his first rap group, rock squad. The group featured in several shows like the national peace show (national theatre), Miss. UNILAG and LASU Lagos 98, then they split.

The second crew, empire, never released any demo cd, props to them until he met the NFS. This Karu based rap group comprises of six (5 micz, Doctor Mo, Tonik, Contagious, Zeus and Elpacuzzi) and has held it down for a long time. They released the album FEARFACTOR, which contains six tracks. 5micz is the free stylist of the group, and took part in many local freestyle battles.

5micz later went on a solo career releasing the album APOCALYPSE, with eight tracks.
1. Ghetto analyses
2. Diabolic ft G-lynx
3. Enchantress
4. Beatz n rhymez
5. Inhumane acts ft contagious of NFS
6. Enigma ft mode9 aka ninestien
7. Breath with me
8. As I narrate the anarchy

Comments on hip-hop: hip-hop is like sports, where you get to exhibit talents, the mind state, humanity, touch the life of emcees, express the mind of the streets, preach positivity and most of all love.Todays new generation artists ignore this, so I think we should encounter hip-hop violence, negativity and elevate.