Wale Thompson


Wale Thompson

Full Name: Wale Thompson
Music Genre:
Website: http://www.walethompson.com

1. My time (SIGMA 1994)
2. Hip juju collections (KENNIS 99/00) lalale friday
3. My logo (KENNIS 2002)

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b. 1966, Wale Thompson hails from ogun state. He started his career as a guitarist in his Dad"s band at the age of 14. He released his first album, My time, in 1994.

He has three albums to his credit and is a recipient of many awards both locally and internationally. He had his breakthrough in 2000 when he featured the remedies in his juju album to produce the very popular "AWA DE LALALE FRIDAY " remix. A devout christain , He is married with kids.