Mai' Deena


Mai' Deena

Full Name: Ibiwari Odukwe
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Born September 5, 1979, Ibiwari Odukwe (Mai'Deena) is a soul African woman from Eastern Nigeria. She started singing in the Church, where she has developed her skill and developed her inner personality with regards to music. She attended the Jamir'yar Matan Arewa Nursery/Primary school and the Model international School in Kaduna. She also attended the Ideal Girl's High school and the Bedrock college, both in Surulere Lagos. .

Mai' Deena's first public appearance was in 1998 when she took part in the AMEN starlet competition, coming third in the zonal and second in the National Grand Finals. She has since performed in many other events, including the 'Ovation' magazine's 2nd anniversary, Calabar Millennium party, Hip Hop World anniversary, AMEN Awards 2000, Kween Afrik Beauty pageant and the Kanu heart foundation fund raising gala night, 2003. She has worked with many people, including Sammy Needle, Sunny Neji, Blacky, Synergy Imona and the crusader band, just to name a few.

Mai' Deena won the first prize in the Lagos zonal Star quest talent hunt and Third in the National grand finale, 2002. Mai' Deena won the Award for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN) for the most promising female artist for the year 2002. She believes in life without its fantasies.

Her dream is 'to become a voice in my generation and to ease the pain of many, give smiles to faces of the innocent suffering unjustly.'