J - Vox


J - Vox

Full Name: Yisa Jibrin
Music Genre:
Label: Megafunk Records

1 Get crunk(single):as a member of 'The Crunks".
2 Paybacktyme Pt1 (single)
3 Multiple demo productions

Song Samples

Sample 1: Get Crunk

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

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Born - Timely.
Past - Memorable
Present - In the process of begining a funk revolution in nigeria.yeah.
Future - To take it to the edge ... Simply because.

Famous last words - I love music, I love people, do the math and in your mind i'll remain simple.

Why - Because of the future....hint, also because music (entertainment) still has the power to bridge more gaps that money and sex create, as they make the world go round ...love.

With - the crunkamaniacs (the crunks and other affiliates), SWATROOT, et al.

Self - specifics: artiste, producer, enterprenuer, actor ,dancer, writer, poet, alchemist, professional human.
Stay tuned. Peace.