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STRAIGHTWAY, this name has trigerred off a lot of question in the minds of countless observers. They wonder at their origin, vision, identity and modus operandi. Suffice it to state that it is a group of men who are gunning for the BIG CHALLENGE. On May 26, 2002, as a struggling trio; Psalms, Kelvyn and Nick started the group and brought it to the limelight, but not without much energy and determination. The year 2002 was used for much organisation and structure work. The trio featured only in a few occasions and swept the town with a new sensation.

As the year 2003 set in, it was as if destiny was at work to perfect the group. God is known for doing wonders, but with the Straightway; He did super wonder. The first time the trio performed at BAPTISM OF PRAISE NIGHT, they whipped the whole congregetion into a spiritual frenzy with their gospel choreography and was voted as the best artiste of the night as they received a letter by the organisers to feature in the subsequent edition of BOP Night.

Following this feat, Straightway mesmerised an audience of about a thousand gathered at the Methodist Aba Diocese Headquarter on their" SING OUT" praise night when the trio was called up to perform. Their hit song "John the Revelator" became fans' popular demand. In August, 2003 when Rich and Wills joined the group, the whole city witnessed an explosion of skill and character.

Even after their praise fiesta named " FIRE PRAISE NIGHT ", held on 7th November, 2003; the whole nation is still at wonder. But the fact is sure ... they have arrived and it has started!!!