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Music Genre: other

Single "NO GAMES" release by end of September 2008

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AWELE soul/blues classic artist has been discovered and has taken music back into the classic style. Her aim and goal is to bring out beautiful cool songs. She is working with Deborah Stewart of creative rhythms who is known for her no-nonsense interviews with the likes of R-Kelly, Brian McKnight, and frank Beverly of maze. Awele also worked with Prince 10 who produced her first album called "DO YOU REMEMBER ME" which will soon be released in the coming months. In the meantime she will shoot a promotional video titled "no games".

Awele has taken so many routes in the world which helped her to find and become her true self. With all the road blocks we have in life and all the dead end we come across doesn't mean there is no way out, it may be a delay but there is always a way and a reason for that. For Awele she found her reason to entertain with a touch of class to all. Almost at death but she came alive to live her dream which we all should have in some point of our lives. A native Nigerian who grew up most of her life in London has stormed the world with style and has taken music to another level.
She is a remarkable and brilliant artist who will reach great heights in the music industry. All she wishes to do is bring out the best in music which we would all love and enjoy. I hope you love her and her sounds because she is truly remarkable.

Here are some of her words below...
I love singing heart felt songs because that is real life happening to us and our Emotions. Music reaches out to us all shaping our minds and soul the way it is. It is a special part to our heart and feelings. That is why it is good to listen to great music which helps shape us in a good way of living.
My influences are Anita baker, Teddy pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, and Barry white. They influenced me with their music which helped me bring out the greatness in mine. This comes natural to me.

I owe it all to God, and my parents especially my mum she has been the one who has believed in me since i was a child

Watch this space because the sun rises in the east

Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and listen to AWELE's chilled out tunes.