Full Name: Akinwale Aluko
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Songs written

Candlelight Promises
Spanish lullaby
Breathless whispers
Shed no tears
If your love travels a million miles
Dont say its over
Till the grave swallows me
Last blood in my veins
May you never be in pain
Phoenix love
Sea of love
Let our rose be red Again
Suicide aint a Solace
Never wanna
Its funny how time changes

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I was born on the 11th January, 1976. I'm a songwriter, (American certified) Professional composer and Balladist.

TYPES OF SONGS COMPOSED; Ballad ,Rock, Pop ,R&B ,Raps, Soul, Gospel,
Country, Adult contemporary Songs, U.K Pop Songs and lyrics and Songs
good for Film Soundtracks

THEMES OF MOST OF THE SONGS; Love, Faith, Heart broken love songs, Abstract Songs in the likes of Bruce Springsteen,Gospel and inspirational Songs, Songs on helping the poor, Songs that talk about matters of social interest
like suicide etc, Hope giving songs and so on.

NUMBER OF SONGS WRITTEN;Two thousand five hundred

I HAVE WORKED WITH: Alex Zanetis the great country music songwriter of Country music U.S.A in Nashville Tenn., Linda Lane, a female country singer and music publisher in Glenford New york, Steve Davies of Top records in Nashville
Tennessee U.S.A etc. It takes me an average of 3 to 10 munites to compose a song.

FAVOURITE PRODUCERS; Walter Afanaseiff, David Foster, Corey Hart, Vito
Luprano, Kenneth Edmonds{baby Face} Warren Dion, Forest Whitaker, Dallas
Hustin, James Horner,


SONGWRITING STYLES;I write highly philosophical ,simple melodic songs,Absolute
songs and smooth rhythmic love songs like that of Baby face and Warren
Dion,Jimmy Jam and Teds,Dallas Hustin and R.kellys styles of straight R&B.

FAVOURITE ARTISTS; Celine Dion,Lean Rhymes,Bruce Springsteen,Seal,Martina
MC Bride,Spice girls,Jewel,Boyz 2 Men,Westlife,Phil collins,Bryan Adams,George,
Allanis Morrisette, and Genesis.

LOVE TO WORK WITH;All the artists and the favourite producers I listed


In the year 1996, I won a Certificate of Achievement from the then only
song contest in Hollywood Carlifornia,U.S.A.

I won a commercial recording contracts from Hollywood Artist Records in
California with my composed song "When can I see you again" in 1997.

I won two different Commercial recording contract s from Columbine
records in Hollywood California in 1998 with my song titled "In you ,I
believe and Dont say its over

In 1999 I won two recording contracts from Hollywood Artist productions
one is a cassette Album contract while the other is a Commercial one
with my song titled Forget about my Love.

I also won a recording contract from Majestic Records in Linden Texas U.S.A
with my song Along a Lonely Path.

I joined a member of Top Records Songwriting Association and I was given
a Certificate as a good standing member,I was the only Nigerian in the
songwriting Association between 1998-1999.

I won over 15 recording contracts with 15 of my composed songs within my
twelve months of joining the Association.I also won song promotion
contracts. I signed four out of all the contracts and it has since been
recorded for me and it is now on promotion on the U.S Radio stations for
Commercial purpose.

I have worked with one of the best country music songwriter Alex Zanetis,
whose seven of his songs including Am Gonna Change Everythinghas topped
the U.S Billboard chart as number (1) one and top the chart on Sweden
Country Music radio and he has gotten over twenty of his songs ranging
from Number 1-20 in the U.S widely recognized billboard chart. He is a
winner of BMI and CMA award. He worked with me as a collaborator. I
wrote the words of my song "Missing You All Alone" and he wrote the
music to it while Linda Lane a female country singer sang it.Missing You
All Alone"is still on promotion throughout the U.S Radio Stations.

Alex Zanetis the top country songwriter has sent to me three different
recording contracts.Praisng me for my Unique talent he wrote me a
special memo from his desk in Nashville,that my selected song Dont Say
its Over".He thereby reduced the price of the contract as for me to be
able to sign it quickly. So as for me too to be able to top the U.S
billboard chart ;I know if Zanetis should call a piece of Songwriting
great ,it means its truly great if recorded considering all his
wonderful achievements and awards.

My song poem 'Along a Lonely path' was selected for the semi-finalist in
the North American Poetry at Owings Mills Maryland U.S.A.I submitted
only one poem and it was picked as a wonderful write up.

I am a proposed member of Mechanical Copyright Protection Service in

I received a letter of recommendation from Minerva Press in London .They
wrote about my interesting works. And further asked me to send more
manuscript to be published as a good poetry book. Minerva Press is the
largest publishing house in Europe.

On May 31,2000,I won a Cassette Album contract from Hollywood Stars
Music Productions based in Carlifonia with my composed song titled; "Heaven"
on 2nd August 2000.Also I was sent a lead sheet contract embodying the
same song.

On November 15,2000,I won a recording contract from Country Music U.S.A.
with my composed duet song :If Your Love Travels a Million Miles".It
was commended by Alex Zanetis that the song will be great in three
categories{Pop, Country and Rock Song}.

In the month of November 2000, Music City Music in Nashville wrote me a
letter that they would like to market my songs.

My hobbies include;Singing ,Dancing,Songwriting,Playing scrabbles,Tunesmitting and writing poems.